The Veterinary Surgery, Haverscroft Industrial Estate, Attleborough, Norfolk Tel: 01953/451452

The Veterinary Surgery, 2 Short Beck, Feltwell, Norfolk. Tel: 01842/828938


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Paul Jarman Veterinary Practice

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About Us

Our aim is to treat pets and their owners with understanding, care and commitment, whilst offering veterinary care of the highest possible standard.


As a small practice we are able to offer far greater continuity of care than some of the larger practices. We get to know both you and your pet, this relationship allows us to work with you to help your pet lead a fitter and more active life. We will talk through problems and options with you and involve you fully in the care of your animal.


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Full health checks are given at the time of primary and booster vaccination and before surgery. We offer pre-anaesthetic blood screening to ensure the best treatment.


Advice is available on feeding, breeding, grooming, worming and all aspects of general care, with a selection of products available.


We are happy to make home visits in emergencies or if your pet is too unwell to travel. However as all the equipment and resources are based at the practice we would generally prefer you to bring your pet to us.